Greatest freak out ever 11 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Greatest freak out ever 11 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

The Greatest freak out ever 11 is the 11th episode of Wafflepwn's Freakout kid Series that was uploaded to Youtube on Sep 27, 2010

Synopsis Edit

The video starts with Jack explaining that Stephen broke the family's $3,000 TV because he wasn't allowed to buy Halo Reach and that the mom called the police on him. The officer arrives and Jennifer explains the situation to him. He then calmly asks Stephen to explain his side of the story. The officer dictates Stephen on a notepad but halted when Stephen blurted out, "She's not fair, you don't know, Go away." As Stephen is resisting the officers demands to cooperate or be apprehended, he shoves The police officer as he prompts Stephen to calm down. Stephen continues to disobey and shoves him one again, prompting The Cop to reach for his pepper spray and apprehend Stephen with it. Stephen is last seen being cuffed as the video ends.

Trivia Edit

  • The video almost got taken down because The Cop didn't want to be on the internet.
  • Jack didn't record any footage of Stephen destroying the tv and The Mom making the police report.